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I'm looking to set up multiplayer using Godot 4's new networking APIs and am currently establishing connections using ENetMultiplayerPeer. I looked around the docs for a bit but couldn't find a way to get a connected peer's IP address from the server - is this possible?

I'm aware it's possible to get this information using the lower-level APIs (i.e. TCP and UDP servers), but I would be forfeiting all of the added node replication/RPC functionality as far as I understand.

I'm new to Godot's networking APIs - any help would be appreciated!

Godot version 4.0.alpha14
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It should be possible via:


But the methods are not correctly exposed in alpha14 ( see ).
Hopefully, it should be fixed by alpha15

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Thank you! I was looking everywhere on the docs for something like this, makes sense why I couldn't find it now lol.

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