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I'm transferring my project to Godot 3.5 stable, coming from 3.4 stable, and adapting to the new navigationserver. I think I've got most of it sorted out (thanks to a handy video by bitbrain), but I still get these red (but apparently not game breaking) errors in my log. Problem is, I don't get a source in my script where they're coming from, only the C++ source stack trace:

E 0:00:01.099 getrelativetransformtoparent: Condition "!parent2d" is true. Returned: Transform2D()
<C++ Source> scene/2d/node
2d.cpp:356 @ getrelativetransformtoparent()

Since I've done a lot of adjustments for the new Navigation, it's really hard to find out from what change this is coming from, so I was hoping someone else has had this error and can offer a "have you tried checking X yet?".

Godot version Godot 3.5 stable
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Apparently related to a bug with TileMap and the new Navigation system, set to be fixed in 3.6: . The fact I get it several times threw me off, because I have several Tilemaps, but only one that's baking navigation.

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