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Okay I am sorry that this isn't directly linked to godot but it is a problem I am having in creating my 2d rpg and I am wondering if anybody knows of a solution. I am using magicavoxel to make a voxel character. I then want to take this character and make a sprite sheet from the animations. I.e. like pixel art in pokemon. The issue I am having is I do not know how to export my character and create a sprite sheet that can then be used in godot. There is a isometric exporter in magicavoxel. But I was hoping to export as a marching cube and then adapt this file into a sprite sheet. Does anyone have any advice on how best to do this?

Thanks in advance!

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So if I understand correctly, you want to design your character from MagickaVoxel, but don't export it with its "cubic" look and instead use a smooth algorithm (marching cubes) to render it on a 2D spritesheet?

Yes exactly. Basically I want to create my 2d world using the magicavoxel software because I like the look it creates. I believe I have found a way of doing it using blendr and using the gimp add on the make a sprite sheet. However, if you can think of anymore appropriate way of doing it. Or, even, you think this is a bad technique to use to create a 2d world and character please let me know. I'm experimenting with improving the graphics kn my current 2d pixel art game.


If your game is pixel art then I don't see the point in using marching cubes. Why smoothing if what you want is pixel-art? (or maybe I don't realize how it actually looks).

No sorry, my fault, I don't think I have explained myself very well. I have been experimenting with different styles for my game. I have concluded that I would like to use a 2d isometric format producing a similar, though inevitably not as good, look to that of diablo2. Ideally I was hoping to use magicavoxel to produce the art for the game. However, using the iso tool in magical voxel produces images with lines around most borders with is not the look I would like. However, I don't know how to avoid this. I don't suppose you have much experience with this program?

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