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I know this question has been asked several times in the forums. I know there are a lot of problems (I'm refering this time to legal problems like NDA's etc...) that clash with the Open soure concept of GOdot but... Why not for example let the community try to fund the dev kits, and build modules for this consoles only available to legit registered devers?

Is this a problem? Godot is incredible, I love it but is lacking platforms, so, interest for a lot of people. Community can help giving back some love to godot through crowfounding to buy the devkits for the godot team to use, and provide the restricted modules to people meeting the requirements.

I'm not saying that I'm the smartest guy and this is my super idea that will solve all licensing problems, but... Would like to know if there's any possibility to go this way. If not I will be force to go for another engine that can maximize revenue per game created. And, having new platforms to release it is a really nice way.


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Is not FLOSS the problem but the requirements (you may need a company, a publisher, a game almost ready to port, the quality and other things) for the license to use a development kit.

This is a good short read

Some Godot devs are licensed for some consoles and are willing to help other licensed devs (look at Deponia PS4 port).


Godot exports (easy and cheap/free) to Windows, UWP, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android, HTML5 (now WebAssembly too), which platforms lack that other engines have out-of-the-box?
Is something I read often but never with details.

@eons PS4, XBOX1 mainly, and now nintendo Switch.

To be true, it seems like a huge amount of work to port. What I do not understand is this fact "Some Godot devs are licensed for some consoles and are willing to help other licensed devs (look at Deponia PS4 port)." Does this mean they ported godot to PS4?

Thanks for the answers.

Well, you can't export to PS4 on Unity without buying (suscription) and get a license, and keep paying suscription while you update your licensed game (the right Publisher can help with all this), for XBox uses UWP I think, like Godot, Switch export seems to be restricted by who-knows-what.

In the case of Unreal, they offer the source to export on consoles to certified devs for free, more or less like some Godot devs do when certified devs appear.

Yes, a Godot game was (ex)ported to PS4.

Since UWP is available, means XBox too.

I think 3.1 will get VR stuff to make life easier on that, some people is already working on features.

It is true that you have to pay in unity the subscription to export to ps4, but, you have the option if you feel your game is good enough.

I'm impressed, some company ported all godot to ps4 :). So much work packed in...

I need godot 3.0 badly :D. It would be nice if they could improve some edges in the 2d engine like the tile import flow that is really cumbersome.

As you said, it is a pitty there no exist more "proffesional" games made with godot for visibility. I think everything would be more fluent. For the devers to release to other platforms and to get more users.

This one of the few times they talked about a PS4 port (showcase mentions iOS only).

A comment in the thread suggest the export is there, maybe the legal part blocks attempts for direct cooperation between licensed devs (Unreal and Unity have agreements with Sony and others to pave the way a bit).

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The honest truth is that the conflict/roadblocks to publishing to commercial game consoles is always licensing, and every license code varies depending on certain criteria from any company or enterprise.

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