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Hello guys
I was working on footsteps sound
But I got a problem when I stop, the sound does not stop with the player
Because of the time of the audio effect is long
How can I solve this problem

this my script

if is_on_floor() and not foot.playing and dir.z and dir.x != 0 :
        foot. Play()

السلام عليكم
لدي مشكلة واجهتني في خطوات اللاعب
ثدرت أخليه يعمل لما أتحرك لكن أذا وقفت الصوت يكمل لين ما يخلص مقطع الصوت
فكيف أحل هذي المشكلة

Godot version 3.5
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did you try ?

if is_on_floor() and not foot.playing and dir.z and dir.x != 0 :
        foot. Play()



 if dir.z and diz.x == 0:

frist code will not make the sound work at all

Second one
not make any differed

I saw youtuber put timer, but I don't know if this actually work
or his sound effect repeat because its short voice

I think you should attach function call on the running animation when the frame of hitting the ground should add the call and play the sfx there ,

Should work like that also for dust particle same idea

و بتوفيق

'or' was the answer
oh my god

if dir.z or dir.x !=0:
    if is_on_floor():
        if ! foot.playing:
            foot. Play()
else :
    foot. Stop()

"أشتغل لما قلت له "أو
أعتذر للجميع على الأزعاج

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