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I am trying to turn off my Player child node area2D Hurtbox via function to make the player invincible. The function call is triggered by an animation which calls it on a frame.

On my

onready var hurtbox = $Hurtbox

  func roll_invincibility_started():
        hurtbox.set_deferred("monitoring", false)

I have tried a few things instead of hurtbox.set_deferred such as

  get_node("Hurtbox").monitoring == false

How can I do it?

Godot version 3.5
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code is incorporated correctly. Make sure your ANimationPlayer calls this function using print

Kindly, could you show a code snippet of which is correct? get_node or my first snippet?

Regarding having AnimationPlayer call the function using print, you have lost me there. I have set it up as a call method track on the animation player so that the function would be called on a specific frame.

1 Answer

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both methods of disabling monitoring are correct.
Thus, there must be another issue preventing this from happening.
By doing :

func roll_invincibility_started():
        hurtbox.set_deferred("monitoring", false)

You will ensure if your method is actually called from this animation frame

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