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Hellooo :)

No matter what I try, I can't get the sky to contribute to ambient lighting in Godot 4.0:

A black, unlit cube against a sky background

I have tried with every type of sky (Procedural, Physical, and Panorama) and none work. In this scene, I have hidden the DirectionalLight3d to make this clearer, and the WorldEnvironment is enabled. As far as I can see, the environment resource is set up fine — all the energy values are set to 1.0, as is the sky contribution:

Parameters for the WorldEnvironment

If I change the Ambient Light Source to a colour it will work as expected but this is undesirable for me. The sky contributed in Godot 3.4, but not in 4.0a10 and 4.0a15 (the only two alphas I have tried, which includes the latest for now) it doesn't. I am using a laptop with integrated graphics, so perhaps there is some incompatibility with the new Vulkan pipeline?

To reproduce:
Sorry that I didn't make a sample project. It is still very simple to reproduce. Create any MeshInstance and WorldEnvironment. Create a sky for the WorldEnvironment. That's it.

I'm not posting this to complain. I want to know if others are experiencing this (after searching previous questions I couldn't find any about this), or if there is something I've missed elsewhere, or if this is just an accepted issue due to it being an alpha version.


Imgur album:

Godot version Godot 4.0a15
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Which exact integrated graphics model are you using? Intel on Windows doesn't have the best Vulkan drivers around, so it's possible that this is a driver-specific issue.

Your suspicions were right! I've updated my graphics driver and now things are working as expected. Thank you.

I was using Intel UHD Graphics 62U on Windows 10, btw.

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