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Hi, I'm making a 2D pixel game and I want to add glow to the sprites. I added a WorldEnvironment Node to my scene, changed it to canvas and enabled glow.

The issue I'm having is the background of my project needs to be transparent so the user can see their desktop as their desktop is the background of the game.

The background only changed to black when I added the WorldEnvironment Node. If I remove the WorldEnvironment Node, the projects background is transparent again but the glow is removed as well.

I tried to change the WorldEnvironment Nodes settings and it still shows the black background or the glow being lost. Such as clear colour, custom colour and keep but this removes the glow.

I have also tried to make the WorldEnvironment Node a child of other Nodes and I have tried to change instance of the scene with the WorldEnvironment Node to no avail.

How can I enable glow for my sprites and remove the black background caused by the canvas background. If there is no way to stop the canvas causing the background to become black, are there any MIT shaders that can make the sprites glow?

Godot version 3.4.3
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Just to elaborate a bit, did you try to set backround mode to custom color and color to transparent?

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