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Hi Guys
i'm getting an unrecognized error while using json files.

Error message:

E 0:00:05.602   parse: Error parsing JSON at line 37: Expected 'EOF'

Here is my original json file:
Was verified using and is OK.

And here is my code:

func updateDB(pos,item,new_item_id = null):
if new_item_id != int(
    var equipSlotData = {}
    var equipSlotData_file ="res://DBFiles/EquipSlotDB.json",File.READ_WRITE)
    var equipSlotData_file_json = JSON.parse(equipSlotData_file.get_as_text())
    equipSlotData = equipSlotData_file_json.result

    var slot = get_slot_under_pos(pos)
    if new_item_id == 0:
        equipSlotData[]["ItemID"] = new_item_id
        equipSlotData[]["ItemID"] = int(
        prev_slot =
    equipSlotData_file.store_string(JSON.print(equipSlotData, "\t"))

The error seems to happen in that part:

if new_item_id == 0:
        equipSlotData[]["ItemID"] = new_item_id

Before that code condition GODOT changes my json format to a invalid format inserting two '}' in the end of my json file. (see below)
Here the corrupted json file with two '}' inserted by godot

I dont know why this happen, can you plz help me?


Godot version 3.5 stable
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try saving JSON file as .tres

saved as tres and the same error continue happen

I don't know about it than.
In earlier version I was using JSON for my project in similar manner, I created it with google sheet and Export Sheet Data extension. It worked, maybe try that too

yeah i made the same process, created the json using an extensions in google sheets. The curious thing is, when i update my inventory grids data using almost the same code that runs well, see:

func updateDB(item):
if slotUsed != item_last_pos:
    var inv_data = {}
    var inv_data_file ="res://DBFiles/InvDB.json",File.READ_WRITE)
    var inv_data_file_json = JSON.parse(inv_data_file.get_as_text())
    inv_data = inv_data_file_json.result
    if item_last_pos != null:
        inv_data[item_last_pos]["ItemID"] = 0
    inv_data[slotUsed]["ItemID"] = int(
    inv_data_file.store_string(JSON.print(inv_data, "\t"))

That code runs well, and the json structure is the same, only differe in the keys names.

Has a chance to this be a bug in Godot?

If it works on one dictionary I don't think it is a bug.
error is about parsing, so it breaks on loading. Did You try to use it with File.READ only ?

I think i solved the problem.
Changed my update function to:

func updateDB(pos,item,new_item_id = null):
var equipSlotData = EquipSlotDB.equip_slot_data
var slot = get_slot_under_pos(pos)
var equipSlotData_file ="res://DBFiles/EquipSlotDB.json",File.WRITE)

if new_item_id != null:
    equipSlotData[]["ItemID"] = int(new_item_id)
        equipSlotData[]["ItemID"] = int(
equipSlotData_file.store_string(JSON.print(equipSlotData, "\t"))

And now runs without erros, thx for help Inces.

Can You explain what did You change and why it worked ?

I think the error occurs because in the first script i'm using READWRITE and in the second one i changed to only WRITE. And to read the updated data i only runs again the function updateequipslotdb in the Singleton to update the equipslot_data dict with the required data.

Probably READ_WRITE was not the better choice for my project.

cool, thanks also :)

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Solved in the comments.

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