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I need to tag more nodes in a time but it dont allow me that. But i don't want my code like this:

func off_off_ladder_checker():
$Off_Ladder_Block/CollisionShape2D.set_deferred("disabled", false)
$Off_Ladder_Block/CollisionShape2D2.set_deferred("disabled", false)
$Off_Ladder_Block/CollisionShape2D3.set_deferred("disabled", false)
$Off_Ladder_Block/CollisionShape2D4.set_deferred("disabled", false)
$Off_Ladder_Block/CollisionShape2D5.set_deferred("disabled", false)

I want it a little bit shorter without repeats.
Can someone help please?

Godot version 3.5
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1 Answer

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You could do

for node in $Off_Ladder_Block.get_children():
    node.set_deferred("disabled", false)

As a a general rule, any time you're repeating yourself a bunch of times, a loop is probably the solution.

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