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So my root nodes should look like this:
Main Scene

But the map nodes and all the childern doesn't works. It only works if I hide the background color. Like this:
BackgroundColor nodes needs to be hide

If I run with the BackgroundColor nodes hided. It works perfectly. Like this:
Game Run perfectly

But if I run with the node not hided. The hover mouse queue_free() on the godot icon doesn't work. Like this:
enter image description here

This is the image of the code of that child and the inspector:

Oh yeah the function for deactivating input_pickable. Only use in these function:
Map Code and uses of deactivatinge input_pickable.

English is not my mother tounges. I am sorry I can't explained it with words.

Godot version 3.5
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This is likely due to the mouse_filter of the ColorRect being set to stop. Select the ColorRect, in the inspector expand the Mouse category. Make sure the Filter is set to ignore unless the ColorRect needs to detect the mouse, then pass.

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It works!! Thank you for the explanation.

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