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I am trying to load an audio file from my PC filesystem with FileDialog node and load the file by the load() method, but it returns a null, so how can I implement this?

func _on_FileDialog_file_selected(path):
   #The path /home/me/Music/Classic.mp3 = load(filePaht)
Godot version Gogot 3.5v
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You've passed in path but are referencing filePaht??

Oh sorry, but this is not the problem, I just typed it wrong.

func _on_FileDialog_file_selected(path):
#The path /home/me/Music/Classic.mp3 = load(path)

What error do you get?

The is no error, the load(path) method doesn't load the path and it returns null.

Are you sure there's nothing in either the dos console (if running in Windows) or the Output or Debugger windows in Godot? You can't normally just call "load" on any old file. And I don't think Godot can handle mp3s either.

yeah you're right there is an error in the Debugger window: E 0:00:19.073 _load: No loader found for resource: /path/to/file.mp3.

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Since you're trying to load a raw, filesystem-based file (as opposed to an imported resource), I think you'll have to work a little harder. Something like this should work (for example):

var path = "/path/to/some.mp3"
var, File.READ)
var stream = = snd_file.get_buffer(snd_file.get_len())
$ = stream
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Can Godot handle mp3s?

Yes, as demonstrated above...

Cool. I didn't know this node existed. All the google results for "godot mp3" say it's not supported (but they are quite old now).

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