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I want rotate a vector3 with degrees values, but in not have the corretly results.

My Vector value to rotate is this:
var camrot : Vector3 = getnode("../../ShotPoints/rightpointposition").globaltransform.basis.z

I search in doc of Unity for referenc, and I found this, I dont know how to fit in this in godot:

Sorry for my english, I studing the language.

Godot version 3.4.4
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Please describe how it's not correct.

If you want to rotate a Spatial, you can call something like:-

getnode("../../ShotPoints/rightpointposition").rotation_degrees.y += 1

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Vector3 has rotated method for rotating it around some axis. For example, if you want to rotate around y-axis 90 degrees:

camrot = camrot.rotated(Vector3.UP, deg2rad(90))

Basis has similiar function too, if you want to rotate whole basis.

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