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Hi I am beginner game developer, I am making a stopwatch for recording my Rubik’s cube solves.
In my project when once the stopwatch is paused it’s time is saved in a array named solves now I have a button named all solves which opens a popup dialog when clicked and it’s supposed to show all previous solves done there in a label

How can I put all the times in array (solves) in label one by one like a list

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Add a separate label for each one, and add those labels to a VBoxContainer, and add that to your popup.

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So according to you if the user is doing 1000 solves I have to make 1000 labels where I don’t know how much more he or she will go

I didn't know there would be over a thousand, it will be quite a big "popup" dialog. Try a RichTextEdit instead then.

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