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I'm a beginner here and I'm currently have a project where I need to add a real time calendar in the game. I've been searching for any tutorial but I just haven't found the right one for me. It'd be great if someone could explain it in detail. Or maybe if you know some good tutorials, you could link it

Thank you!

(n). English is not my first language, sorry for the error

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You probably need to explain more about your requirements. What exactly do you mean when you say real time calendar? For example, are you looking for a replica of a typical paper calendar that shows all of the days of the month, just a "current date/time" based on the system clock, or something else entirely?

A well defined question will tend to get you more useful input.

First of all thank you for the comment and yes it's kind of like a replica of a typical calendar!

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Well you can fetch the real time date using Godot's Time singleton:

Then just call the methods into your process.

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thank you for the answer!

anyway do you know how to make it so that the button of the current date highlighted in a different color than the other?

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