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I am making a multiplayer game and have been tinkering with interpolation. The code for the interpolation is a Frankenstein of tutorials and documentation and looks like global_transform = global_transform.interpolate_with(world_state_buffer[0]["P"], delta * 16) For some reason, it stops working when i press f5 and says Invalid get index 'P' (on base: 'Dictionary'). It works completely fine when I start the server and get two clients to join through the project manager. Can somebody please tell me how to fix this?

Godot version 3.5.1.stable
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How is that world_state_buffer created, and what's in it?

I have an array that stores 2 player states so I can lerp between them for hitscan stuff, but it does not look good when I interpolate between the two, so I just use the position key from the oldest part of the array (each of the two parts of the array are dictionaries) and interpolate that with the global transform

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