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I am extremely angry, and confused. Why in the world does my script not work? It shows the dialog box, but not the text that follows. I know it's not the current engine version since the demoreel works in my version. I look at my escoria script to the one in the demo reel and example. can't see anything wrong with it.

Click here for the whole. Cause I don't know what I did wrong. In gdscript or escscript, or if it's in the editor itself.

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You forgot to add a space between the '-' character and your speech option.
It seems that space is important for the syntax of Esc.

Adding that space worked for me.
Here's the resulting can.esc file :


set_global i/inv_can true
set_active can false


say player "I have several things to say about this can"
    - "Yes"
        say player "Yes"
    - "Very much yes"
        say player "Very much yes"
    - "There is not a lot to say about it actually"
        say player "There is not a lot to say about it actually"
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