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The problem is the godot thinks that the player is near a wall when the player isn't near the wall. I'm trying to get this to work for wall jumping like super meat boy. Here's the code

(This is a comment) Possibly could have to do with the function updatewall_direction

var movedirection = -int(Input.isactionpressed("left")) + int(Input.isactionpressed("right"))
var wall
direction = 1
func updatewalldirection():
var is
nearwallleft = checkisvalidwall(leftwallraycasts)
var isnearwallright = _checkisvalidwall(rightwallraycasts)

if is_near_wall_left && is_near_wall_right:
    wall_direction = move_direction
    wall_direction = -int(is_near_wall_left) + int(is_near_wall_right)

If anyone knows the problem let me know

Godot version Godot Mono version 3.5 stable
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1 Answer

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if you want to check your raycast
write if $RayCast2D.is_colliding :
print ("collide")

OR Remove raycasts and Replace it with
if isonwall and write if isonwall :
print ("isonwall")

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