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It's my third game. Made in Godot. Moving through the classics to learn how to do it properly. Hope you all like it.

I’ve put some polish / juice into this one. Some of the things I’ve been adding are squash n stretch. Smoke effects. Screen shake. Plenty more. Lots of fun.

For anyone interested, the link has info on how things were done as well as downloads for most platforms. Currently Linux, OSX, Window, Android.

I'm going to post this around so people can download it but I really wanted to be specific and thank the community here at QA. I've learned so much and I'm really appreciative of all the help you've provided.

Hopefully someone enjoys the game. :-) If not, that's ok, it's been a great experience.

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Nice :)
How long have you been working with Godot?

Hey there :-)

8 months (since Aug 5, 2016)

That's according to this website and my first activity. So maybe a week or so before that and before I found this QA area?

I don't get a lot of time to spend on these with a family and business so Pong itself I've been building since the start of January. So about 3 months of VERY part time work.

First month or two after finding Godot was playing around. Then I got stuck into it properly after that and have stayed focused on one game at a time since then.

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