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Hello, I am making a game in Godot. The sprite needs to change it's appearance whenever I press an arrow. I made the sprite the child of the main sprite/default sprite, but whenever I toggle off the main sprite to show the child sprite, the child sprite hides with the main sprite. How do I make a child node's appearance toggle on it's own without being controlled by it's parent? Is it possible to do it on GUI, or should I simply use GDScript?

Thank you!

Godot version v.3.4.4
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2 Answers

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See this video

Randomly Variate Textures in Godot - 2 METHODS

try going to the inspector and clicking on the little arrow pointing down and clicking on Make unique

Sprite make unique

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Rather than having the two sprites in a parent/child relationship, make them siblings of each other. Then, when switching between them, just set the visibility of each sprite as appropriate.

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