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Hey there

This project recreates the current problem I'm facing. When a TextureButton (or a TextureRect for that matter) in the level overlaps with the TextureRect in the GUI instance, the mouseentered() signal doesn't fire. If i increase the layer on the GUI scene, the mouseentered() signal on the GUI TextureRect fires, but signals on the TextureButton don't fire.

Any tips to workaround this would be appreciated.

Godot version 3.5.1
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I was able to fix it by resetting Layer for GUI (changed it to 1) and resetting Z Index for ItemContainer (changed it to 0) and changing Mouse -> Filter setting to Ignore for these nodes:


I've learned that whenever you have a problem with catching mouse input, it's usually fixable by changing the mouse filter setting.

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Like a boss! All of the blessings upon you, and upon you all of the blessings!

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