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I'm currently in the process of trying to port my game to Godot 4.0 - so far its not going too great but it works fine where I've went in and manually fixed the issues. But this is one I just cannot fix no matter what. See attached image.


Any ideas on how to fix this?
edit: sorry if my handwriting's a bit hard to read. error is "Expression is of type "null" so it can't be of type "Callable"".

Godot version 4.0 beta 3
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Are you sure your the error is happening in the code snippet shown in your pic? I don't see how / why that should be the case and I don't see anything there related to a callable...

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I think your problems is in order of operations. First you trying to check if i-th instance is valid, and only after it you trying to check if i is not null. Expressions are evaluated from left to right and you should simply first check if i is null and only then attempt to check if i-th instance is valid. I.e. change your if from this:
if is_instance_valid(i) and not(i is null):
if not(i is null) and is_instance_valid(i):
also you can probably replace not(i is null) with i != null

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