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Sorry, this is probably - no, definitely - a really dumb and obvious question, but when I was creating my profile I couldn't figure out how to set my profile picture, as it only gives me two options:
Show my Gravatar

I just have an image I would like as my profile picture, but I'm not sure about having to use a whole different website just for that.

Thanks for any help!

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As far as I am aware there is no other way to add a profile picture on the site, I think they are trying to cut down how much they have to store on the server and pictures take up a lot of space. You will see that adding a picture to your question/answer is in fact a link to an external URL where you are storing the picture as well.

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Oh, okay. It's not really super important anyway. I also thought it would be funny to be able to say "The first ever question I asked about Game Development was how to set my profile picture on the Q&A page". XD Thank you, though.

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