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I've defined an array of custom resources with setget that limits the type.

However, after changing the value of a resource, I noticed that the value is not reflected until I press the save button on the inspector.

extends Resource
export(Array,Resource) var resource_array setget _set_array

func _set_array(new_value : Array):
        var helper =
        resource_array =helper.CreateArray(new_value,audiostream)

func CreateArray(new_value,from_resource) -> Array:
    var result = []
    for element in new_value:
        var elem = element 
        if elem == null:
            elem =
            elem.m_resource = from_resource.duplicate()

    return result

When I refer to the resource in the tool script, the changed data is reflected, but the
When I run the game, the values are not reflected; when I open the tres file, the changed values are not written.

I am afraid of forgetting to save and losing data, so I want to execute the inspector's save button from a script or with a shortcut key.

I tried propertylistchanged_notify() but it did not work.

Godot version version: 3.5.1
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1 Answer

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Have the button call a function that does the saving. You can then call that same function by script, no need to try and press the button by script or whatever.

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Thanks for the answer! didn't seem to work if I passed the path to the resource generated by setget (the path that is automatically generated when put into the array). I solved the problem by specifying the path of the resource first and saving it.

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