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Current workaround from until it gets patched. Append a ParentClass

extends "res://Scripts/"

const Parent = preload("res://Scripts/")

func Init(_inventory:Parent.InventoryBase):
    // Do something

Original question:

Important note: This error only appeared when I migrated my project from v3.5 stable to v4.0 beta 5

I get the following error in my code in my child class

Parse Error: "InventoryBase" was not found in the current scope.

Parent class (

extends Node

const InventoryBase = preload("res://Scripts/")

Child class (

extends "res://Scripts/"

func Init(_inventory:InventoryBase):
    m_Inventory = _inventory
  • InventoryBase is just a script that extends the Object type in Godot.

  • I have no issue in my parent class and when I try to define
    const InventoryBase = preload("res://Scripts/")
    in my child class it shows this error instead

    The member "InventoryBase" already exists in a parent class.

I'm not sure if I am missing anything, please advice.

Godot version 4 beta 5
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I have the same issue. Even stranger is that does get recognized. I opened an issue for this here:

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Good to know I'm not alone, thanks for the link to the github page

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