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What is that red cross right of the middle of the 2D View in the editor?

It's not in the center (0,0) of the Root, there isn't any node in that area, and that red cross shows up everywhere in the 2D View in the editor.

Red Cross - not in the center
Red Cross - possibly anchor related
Red Cross - no anchors in this screne

Godot version 3.5.1
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Not an answer (and I'm not sure what it is), but looking at a few random 3.5.1 2D projects, I do not see the mentioned "red cross" in the 2D scene editor. Do you see it in a new project?

I don't see it in a new blank project... it must be a specific node or setting. I was also looking under the Editor -> Editor Setting -> Highlighting, but I couldn't find anything useful...

So, more experimentation and the red lines have something to do with dragging UI control anchors around - they seem to indicate snapping or alignment with various control points on the current control. That said, it's not clear to me why they stay on the screen after the control in question is deselected or another control is selected...

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