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func separate(image: Image) -> void:
    var images := []
    for y in
        for x in
            if image.get_pixel(x, y).a != 0.0:
                var start_y: int = y
                var end_y: int = y + 1
                var start_x: int = x
                var end_x: int = x + 1
                var checked_pixels := []
                var pixels := [Vector2(x, y)]
                while not pixels.empty():
                    var pixel: Vector2 = pixels.pop_back()
                    if image.get_pixelv(pixel).a != 0.0:
                        var neighbors := []
                        if not x == - 1:
                            neighbors.append(Vector2(x + 1, y))
                        if not x == 0:
                            neighbors.append(Vector2(x - 1, y))
                        if not y == - 1:
                            neighbors.append(Vector2(x, y + 1))
                        if not y == 0:
                            neighbors.append(Vector2(x, y - 1))
                        for new_pixel in neighbors:
                            if not new_pixel in checked_pixels:
                        if start_y > pixel.y + 1:
                            start_y = pixel.y
                        if end_y < pixel.y:
                            end_y = pixel.y
                        if start_x > pixel.x + 1:
                            start_x = pixel.x
                        if end_x < pixel.x:
                            end_x = pixel.x
                var rect := Rect2(start_x, start_y, end_x - start_x, end_y - start_y)
                image.fill_rect(rect, Color.transparent)

The error is "All memory pool allocations are in use."

Godot version 3.5.1
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Read this again

Returns the color of the pixel at src if the image is locked. If the image is unlocked, it always returns a Color with the value (0, 0, 0, 1.0). This is the same as get_pixel, but with a Vector2 argument instead of two integer arguments.

I need to lock the image to get teh color of the pixel.

why do you call it twice?

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I think the issue here was that there was too many loops.

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Always have and always will hate while loops and pretty sure the above does not need it

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