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As of writing this, the 6 latest questions are all spam, but I'm being blocked from reporting them all: "Too many posts reported - please try again in an hour" so they can't even get reported.

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I agree. Maybe the questions need to be approved before their are shown, a capcha should be added, a requirement of X points to be able to ask questions. I am afraid of openning most of the spam questions to report the user as it may contain malware.

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I don't think there's any issue with looking at the spam questions, just obviously don't click on any links.

capcha? really? like really really?
you sir are why my shoes need to come off at airports now

And i've proven multiple times that capcha are a waste of time by coding an extension that auto solves it

pfft ..... capcha . .. . .more like Gotcha wasted your time

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