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I'm messing with Godot 3.0 alpha and it doesn't seem to have any way to make 2D particles collide with the environment. I'm just asking because I remember something about that being added in 3.0. Am I missing something or it's just not implemented?

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No, you are not missing anything, Particle Collision was originally planned to be in 3.0 but ,as far as I know, it was postponed to 3.1 because Juan was simply not able to implement it yet, he just had way too much on his hands for 3.0.
You can read up on the planned features of 3.1 here.
I hope that was somewhat helpful :)

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It doesn't say particle collision for 2D though, only 3D. Does that mean anything?

I would guess that it does. According to Juan, both nodes are based on the same system, meaning that the features can be applied in both cases from what I know. I am not 100% sure about that though.

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