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I tried to move to engine version 2.1.3 from 2.1.1 and it didn't go so smooth. Audio output in 2.1.3 seems broken. I tried to load my previous project and run it and got some illegible slow-mode garbled audio instead of normal sound effects.
Looking at the console I see there constant flow of messages "RtAudio output underflow!"
That never happened on 2.1.1
Please confirm if there is some new settings should be set up or some additional libs downloaded to fix audio issues in 2.1.3 or is it just a bug that will be fixed in future releases.

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Audio is working in 2.1.3. I tried the 2D Platformer Demo, and a fresh project with audio files. Not sure what that error is.

While audio works fine in 2.1.3 for me, I also get a shit ton of these "RtAudio output underflow" messages in the debugger tab. Been getting them since around 2.1. There's an open issue on GitHub about this but no one looked into it, unfortunately.

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