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I made a 2D rpg game. This main node starts as the title screen which changes the scene to level 1 upon pressing start.

In summary there are three levels that the player goes through. When the player dies and goes to the main menu, I want all the changes of the levels the player went through to be reset. Restarting the values of Globals/Singletons are not issue, however, the changes within each levels need to be reset.

For example things move to a different position based on conditions.

I am thinking of resetting manually, but I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations or insights on other ways to do it.

Godot version 4.0
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When a level is loaded and before any changes happen to it, save it as a packed scene.
You can use this scene next time the player dies and has to restart the level.
Here is how you save a scene as a packed scene:

var packed_scene = PackedScene.new()
ResourceSaver.save("res://my_packed_scene.tscn", packed_scene)
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It works thank you!

Also anyone else using Godot 4 they switched it backwards with ResourceSaver.
It is this instead

var packedscene = PackedScene.new()

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