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I want to attach different properties to the tile types in a TileSet. Things like "defence bonus" or "movement penalty".

I imagine I can create a separate script with a dictionary of "tile data" objects keyed by the tile indices in a TileSet. But I can't think of a way to populate this dictionary other than by hand, and making sure I fix the index keys should I change the corresponding TileSet significantly.

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I think you should go with your original idea, but use tile names instead of indices, and TileMap::get_tileset() and TileSet::tile_get_name.

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The only thing i can think of if you're gonna do it for each individual tile would be to put a script inside of each individual tile and possibly attach them to globals, but if somebody has a better answer then i'd sudgest you do what they say

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This is shooting from the hip from what little I do know about tiles.

That said, since you can name individual tiles, there should also be a way to check the name of a certain tile in relation to your character. It would have to be able to check relation of choice if it is possible, due to the difference in relevant tile between a top-down and side scrolling game.

Providing this assumption holds true, You can check the relevant tile's name and apply your own effects against that.

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As already discussed, I use it by giving name to tile:

Then I will have "floor _ carpet _ 1", "wall _ brick _ 4", etc... Then you have to spit name according to "_" separator to retrieve informations.
This is the only way of doing this easily.

If you want more data like price, walking aptitude, armor, you will need some separate dictionnary.

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In my game I have a separate tilemap and tileset for game logical tile.

StartPosition is tile with index = 0
Enemy1StartPosition is tile with index = 1
and so on...

With this code you can find the index and position:

var elements_tilemap = get_node("elements")
var elementscells = elements_tilemap.get_used_cells()

for cell in elementscells:
    var cell_tile_id = elements_tilemap.get_cell(cell.x,cell.y)
    var tmp_pos = elements_tilemap.map_to_world(cell)

You can add then the enemy scene to the position of Enemy1StartPosition.

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