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Is it possible to have individual tiles in an Autotile be larger than one grid space? If so, how can I achieve this?

I want to make an Autotile where the corner tiles extend past the grid boundaries like this:

An image of the a tileset where the corner tiles stick out of the grid spaces.

Rather than having the tiles cut off at the edge like this:

How autotiles in Godot currently work - the tiles must not exceed the grid space in size.

I don't want to fit my tiles within a square box, I want them to jut out past the edges a bit to look more organic.

To achieve this effect I will need to make individual tiles within my Autotile be larger than one grid space. May I please have some help figuring out how to do this?

Thank you!!

Godot version v3.5.1
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I don't think currently there will be an easy solution for this. You can use code to draw those missing tiles based on the tilemap data.

The easier way is to redesign your tile. Try not to reach the border of the tile. Increase the size of the tile until finding a sweet spot. If you want to keep the art design, you can use static_body rather than tilemap.

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