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func face(iprogress,predir):
    var target =vars.facing[predir].normalized()
    var start = vars.facing[currentfacing].normalized()

    var vec = start.slerp(target,iprogress)    ##!##
    global_transform = global_transform.looking_at(vec,Vector3.UP) 

At commented line I get :
E 0:00:01.915 setaxisangle: The axis Vector3 must be normalized.

func works through process(), and this error seems to accumulate exponentially.
I tried putting normalize() at every vector introduced around that function, nothing changes. Also, this error doesn't crash project, first interpolations seem to actually work ??

Godot version 3.5
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The error indicates a problem with a set_axis_angle() call (which IS documented to require a normalized vector). The code line you point to is not where the offending call is being made.

This is where editor highlights it. I understood that set_axis_angle() is called under the hood via slerp() method, since I don't call it anywhere in my code.
Actually error is gone after I ensured slerp doesnt get two identical vectors as arguments...

Interesting... As you mentioned, this can be recreated by setting the two vectors in question to the same values.

I just discovered, that slerping vectors3 is broken in 3.5. Editor can't interpolate not only identical vectors, but also any vectors with the same direction ( meaning inverse vectors ).
I had to decompose vectors to vector2, slerp it, and construct vector3 from the result. It Only now it works completely fine....

If you think you've discovered a bug, I'd suggest you report it on GitHub to ensure that it gets fixed in the future. See here for some instructions.

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if the two vectors are equal then the error is raised.
Check the two vectors before using slerp.

var vec = start
if start!=target:
    vec = start.slerp(target,iprogress) 
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Yeah thanks, I discovered it as in answers above. This must ba a bug, no ? Since slerping vectors2d doesn't require them to be equal

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