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Is there a way of doing this? I’ve spent days trying to figure out how to attach a weapon to have a hand model and import it, but only armature deform works and that warps the gun.

  • Bone and object constraints (child of, copy transform) don’t work at all as gltf doesn’t export it or Godot ignores it.
  • bone parenting seems to almost work and even imports as a boneattachment, but it’s offset badly in Godot and requires each gun to have its own bone and armature, which is clunky.

Is there a method to this I’m not understanding? I don’t want to manually parent a boneattachment to every gun as I may need to make changes later to the weapons glb and there’s no way of reparenting inherited nodes.

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2 Answers

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Look up the BoneAttachment node. I think this is what you should be using

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Per the documentation:

A bone can be the parent of an object in Blender; this relation is exported as a BoneAttachment node in the Godot scene.

Make your gun the child of the bone you want it to be attached to in Blender, and Godot will import it properly.

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