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1: Should i put variables in onready var = ... Or inside _ready function?
2: Should i reference a node in a vraiable or use $nodename instead?

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  1. Honestly this is entirely up to you
    Like if you're a one-liner junkie onready var is the way to go as it gives your code a sense of cleanliness and this becomes most apparent the more nodes you need to reference.

  2. Yes, yes and absolutely yes

Consider the following

onready var node = $nodename

func _ready():

func _input(event):

func _process(delta):

If you want another node to have the same functionality all you would have to do is change the reference

node = $another_nodename

Or if you decided to change name of the node there would only be one line to modify

onready var node = $different_node_name

There is also a matter of efficiency as there is a micro cost to calling the get_node func and even more so for the find_node one

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Thanks man. appreciate it.

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