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When i instance a inner class from my autoload whether its in the autoload or another scene i always get two reference.

class Card:
var name: String
var description: String
var energy_cost: int
var effect_one: String
var effect_two: String

func _init(name, description, energy_cost, effect_one, effect_two):
    self.name = name
    self.description = description
    self.energy_cost = energy_cost
    self.effect_one = effect_one
    self.effect_two = effect_two

# effect
# d = damage
# b = block
# n = none

func _ready():
# create the cards in the game
card_strike = Card.new("Strike", "Deal 5 damage", 1, "d5", "n")
card_defend = Card.new("Defend", "Gain 5 block", 1, "b5", "n")

when i print it i get this


and when i add it to an array i get this


and when i try to add multiple to an array i get this

[[Reference:1271], [Reference:1271], [Reference:1271], [Reference:1271], [Reference:1271]]
[[Reference:1274], [Reference:1274], [Reference:1274], [Reference:1274], [Reference:1274]]

when the class is not in a autoload i only get one reference, why is this happening and how can i fix it?

Godot version 3.5.1
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Where was card_strike introduced?
I see it is without a varkeyword in code, so it must have been introduced in different scope? It must be there when issue happens

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