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As document says :

'' Godot currently doesn't have a way to enforce integer scaling when using the canvas_items or viewport stretch mode, which means pixel art may look bad if the final window size is not a multiple of the base window size. To fix this, use an add-on such as the Integer Resolution Handler ''

godot currently does not support enforce integer scaling viewport, and then point out a plugin doing this job. The plugin do accomplish this job, but it does not work for 4.x as API changes a lot.

After searching through documents and source files, I still can't find these APIs to do what I want, so I come here for help.

Godot version 4.0.x
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Okay, I find DisplayServer singleton just now, I think. I think i can do it by query screen size from DisplayServer and set ViewPort's canvas_transform. Is it correct?

Okay, I find that Camera2D will modify the viewport's cavas_transform, and makes any change from other modification invalid, so what's the proper way to do this?

I finally found Window and Window.contentscalefactor to expand window

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