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I started making a minecraft-like game and faced a problem: I have textures for different sides of the blocks, but I don't know how to create a .Materials file from the texture png. Sorry for my bad English

Godot version 3
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Create a Cube in blender, assign one material to each side of the cube there. Export mesh as .gltf with materials set to "placeholder".
In Godot You will have a MeshInstance of your cube. You can choose materials property in editor, and You will see 6 surface slots. Create new shader material there, new shader, with this code:

shader_type spatial;
uniform sampler2D image;

void fragment():
      ALBEDO = texture(image,UV).xyz ;

didn't test it, I hope I didn;t make syntax error :)
Anyways, now when You choose any of your material, You will see new property imageunder shader parameters. Input your texture there, and it should work.

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