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Basically, I have a small tween here made for a cutscene that makes a copy player sprite fall.
tween.interpolate_method($CutsceneStuff/Player, "position", Vector2(120, -56), Vector2(120, 90), 3, Tween.TRANS_LINEAR)
The thing is that it says that the target ($CutsceneStuff/Player) has no method called "position", even though it does (since it's a Sprite (extends Node2D)). Does anyone know why?

Godot version 3.5.1 (stable)
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I also made another animation but this time for the scale of the sprite, and it does the same thing (gives me an error saying that the node has no property called "scale" even though it does).
tween.interpolate_method($CutsceneStuff/Player, "scale", Vector2(1.2, 0.8), Vector2(1, 1), 0.5, Tween.TRANS_CUBIC)

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position is a property, not a method. Use interpolate_property

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