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in this condition I have the grass at the crossing and it looks strange so I made this tile that has this bitmask, but why it's not working?

Godot version v3.5.1.stable.official [6fed1ffa3]
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If you are talking about the tile pointed to here
Your bitmask is saying this tile layout (where x is tile, o is no tile, y is current location) :

o o x
x y x 
o o x    

I think you want

o o x  
x y x  
o o o     <---no bitmask bottom right 

I think.

Thanks so much, but that unfortunately didn't solve the problem

if it's not possible, I don't mind, but I will need a way to do that in godot 4 using match sides and corners

Can you post an image of your bitmax similar to this one?

One thing I have done is edit my sprite sheet with the tiles and added the bitmask as a layer (you can see that in the second image on that page I linked).
I turn on the layer and re-export the image as png so that I can see in GODOT where my autotile is wrong.
You can see what the tilemap looks like with the bitmask visible in the last image in that link.
I have only tiled with 3.5 and I know 4.0 is different but maybe this could help.

It would be easier to tell if the first image had grid lines.
This shape:

o x o
x x o
o o o   

is the one that is being used in the second image intersection.
The shape you want is bitmasked like this:

o o x
x x x
o o o  

no, sorry because I forgot to enable the grid:

Hey I changed my comment because I was wrong. Have another look while I take a look at this with the grid lines.

You aren't going to be able to use both as

o x o
x x o
o o o    

So you will either have to replace the new tile in the old tiles spot or manually insert the new tile into the tilemap.

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