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I followed part 1 and 2 of this tutorial to make a multiplayer game, and then when I tried instancing more than 1 node into the server and then the client join, it gives this error:

ERROR: (Node not found: "World/Players/@[email protected]" (relative to "/root").)
at: (scene/main/node.cpp:1325)
ERROR: Failed to get cached path from RPC: World/Players/@[email protected].
at: processgetnode (core/io/multiplayerapi.cpp:267)
ERROR: Invalid packet received. Requested node was not found.

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RPC's work with the sceneTree paths and it must be identical on all connected peers.
So if one tree looks like this


and the other like this

       ┖╴@[email protected]

it will not work

to resolve the error, ensure you properly name all your instanced nodes so they can be reference correctly as this @[email protected] name scheme suggests you have duplicated nodes

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Thanks for the answer, I fixed the error. For some reason, when I instance the two nodes, the Player2 name is “Player3”. So I changed the name to match both client and server and it worked.

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