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I got tired of MonoGame issues and made the heartbreaking decision to abandon my own game engine built on top of it and restart my projects in Godot. In my engine, I had FixedUpdate implemented with "alpha" value which used for frame interpolation etc.
I see that there is already PhysicsProcess in Godot which is great, but I can't seen to get the "alpha" value. Is it not part of Godot engine, or did I miss something?

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Godot version 3.5.1
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We use the delta value to do 'frame interpolation' if by that you mean to ensure movement happens at a constant rate regardless of the frame rate of the game. This delta value is actually the time that has elapsed since the last frame was drawn.

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Actually what I was looking for the getphysicsinterpolation_fraction, now everything is fine :)

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