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I am trying to add a custom attribute to polygon, which will affect its render output.
To test this code, I am trying to render a white polygon if attribute is > 0.1.

I have implemented two paths here.
1. Based on customvalue, change polygon color before the color is passed into the shader. https://github.com/ashwin-vbs/godot/commit/4f85210782669ab760b170a4bcc7532cc93deb90
2. Pass custom
value into shader, and based on that, modify frag_color. https://github.com/ashwin-vbs/godot/commit/cd7a6012f859b2b47a3e89968f705c2d8d329320

The first method work - I clearly see the polygon rendered white.
The second method does not work. I dont see any polygon being rendered.

I am new to both glsl and godot internals, and am probably doing something wrong.
Could someone help me get the shader working please?

Godot version 3.5
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Is this translated visual shader ? If so, it would be much easier to read if You provided screenshots

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