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I'm having troubles with interacting with doors in my game, if there are multiple on one map and I open one, I cannot open any others until the one I opened has closed. They all use their own animation player, before anybody asks.

I have a temporary fix where the door closes itself after 2 seconds, but I obviously can't finish my game with this.

Here's the code below:

    extends Spatial

export(NodePath) var animationPlayer
onready var animation = get_node(animationPlayer)
export var open = false

const COOLER = 2
onready var timer = COOLER

func _ready():
    if open:"Appen")

func _process(delta):
    if open:
        if timer <= 0:
            open = false
            timer = COOLER
            timer -= delta

func activate(presser):
    if open:"Close")
        open = false
        open = true

After printing the open boolean of all the doors, I found that it's setting all of the open values to true... I made open a private variable, but the problem persists.

I'm at a loss, how do I fix it?

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How do you instance the doors? these seem to be sharing something.

A door scene like:

Door (script)

Should work fine.

Also, you can use the AnimationPlayer to work as a timer and turn a variable or call a function

ps: all variables are public in Godot

I'm adding them as subscenes to a scene.

Is really weird, can you show the full scene structure (or relevant parts where doors are)?

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I don't understand the reason to export the var animationPlayer. It seems unecessary(why whould you need two animation players?)
onready var animation = get_node(animationPlayer) would suffice.
My guess with this information is that you're overcomplicating things by having the first var point to the animation player...

I'd simply use var animation = get_node("path/to_the_animation/player")

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One of the animationPlayers is for the node_path point to the object, which I would set in the editor, and the other is the object itself.

I made it the one animationPlayer, and the problem persists...

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