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I've been trying to implement some rooms and portals in a 3d game and I've been facing some issues. First of all I modeled the rooms in blender and named them with postfixes according to the docs so the imported nodes are converted to rooms, roomgroups, portals or room boundaries. None worked. They are just Spatials or meshes.

Also in the editor when I use a mesh to create the room boundaries with the Boun_ prefix, it is ignored and still uses the other meshes, even if I make them to not be used as boundaries in the portals section.

Lastly, I tried the inner rooms thing with priorities in roomgroups, and it sort of worked well when traversing from inner to outer rooms, but when I traverse a portal between 2 inner rooms, there's a small space between them and the system thinks the camera is in the outer door that small space, if that makes sense.

I'm using godot 3.5.1, the last stable release. I was wondering if someone faced any of these problems and if they got to fix them.

Thanks a lot!

Godot version 3.5.1
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