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My laptop is currently on its last breath, the gpu and drivers are getting bad. I am going to reset everything bcuz it maybe had to be an update that caused all of this. But i dont want to lose my godot projects, so, is it possible to store my project into the internet like github or google drive and bring it back again after finishing the reset?

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100% yes you can.

Just copy all the folder files and everything will be alright.

Save online backups is always the best idea.
Take this chance to make that a work habit.

Good luck.

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That's good to hear <3. After I save all the files, the progress on my project will still be alright? or is it resetted?

Correct Godot also has a project import feature so if you compress your project to a zip file it can easily be restored.

You really should be using a version control system like git, subversion, mercurial to keep track of you project's progress or recant unwanted changes.

You can even save that to an online cloud service (Like dropbox or Gdrive) or and online versioning sytem like Github

thank you so much!

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