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why mesh loaded via load() is not displayed in Godot? How do I import a file located on the C:/, D:/ or E:/? If I use this code:

$PlayerMesh.mesh = load("D://Player.vox")

So I have an import error that requires me to import this file, how do I fix it (import this file)?

Godot version 3.5.1
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Just move the mesh to any subfolder of your resproject folder

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I'm sorry, but it seems you didn't understand me. Do you mean I should copy the file from D:// to res://?

yes, open your Project folder, find res:// there and paste your mesh here. It will appear in editor, with options for custom import

I think you did not understand my question. The user will select a file in his file system, and the program, already exported in exe, will import it. I know how to transfer resources for game objects to res://))) But I need access to files that will be outside of res:// and user://. Can I import without moving it to res://? Because Godot Engine says it can find the file but can't use it because it doesn't have an .import file to use in the project.

You are right, I didn't understand this problem.
I don't think load will solve this kind of task, but maybe You could try to open this file using Directoryfunctionality.
If it won't work, I would suggest uploading mesh to res folder, and manually copying .import file that will appear there after running your project.

Sorry, but I meant that the player will create the Mesh file for the player skin himself. I don't know what kind of file it will be, so I can't move it to res, run it and import it to .import. Is it possible to make an .import file through some function by specifying the path to the Mesh file?

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