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I am migrating my game engine/framework I wrote on top of MonoGame to Godot, but i'd like to keep my keep my classes reusable, for example I create a SmartCamera class that contains all the functionalities I need my game (following player, smoothing movements, effects, etc) but I would not like to copy and paste all this generic game code from one game to another. Is there any way to "extend" the engine with these classes, e.g.: to create a "SmartCamera" or "AnimationStateMachine" Node that I can just reuse in all my games (maybe even from the Editor when selecting a Node), without having to copy paste a lot of code from one project to another? I am aware that it's possible to write C++ extensions, but I'd rather stick to C# as I am more experienced with it.


Godot version 3.5.1
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what about just putting this into a Class Library and adding that as dependency?

I'll look into it, thanks!

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Looks exactly what I need, thank you!

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