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I'm trying Godot 4.x and I noticed that windows were no longer editable. Made some researches on Google but I only found the documentation page that doesn't say a lot about the modifications made to these nodes.
Are they ever made for internal GUI or did they got improved and so they're no longer editable? Would like to understand, since I used to create settings window with these nodes.

I'm on Arch Linux. Using AUR binary version.

Godot version 4.0.beta10
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For anyone else finding this from google: this happens because the Window node derives from Node instead of Control. Thus, the editor doesn't consider it UI and doesn't allow UI editing features on its children. A workaround for this is to use a regular Control node as the root and change it back to a Window when you're done. Very annoying yes, but there aren't much better alternatives as far as I'm aware.

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Help? Didn't find any solution until now.

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